Agile Coaching

All changes depend on people 

The people in your business are your biggest asset - look after them and they will help even tricky transformations go well. Conversely, there is nothing that makes a transformation harder than a disenfranchised team who have no interest in it working.

We understand your people's concerns

We recognise that one of the most important aspects of any transformation in your organisation is getting buy-in from all stake-holders from the senior executives to the lowliest office junior. As part of all transformation planning exercises, we work with staff and contractors at all levels to learn exactly who is going to be impacted by which aspects of the change, how they personally will be affected and to help them understand the benefits the change will bring.

We manage training and coaching

Introducing more efficient processes inevitably means that peoples' roles will change. We will work with your HR and Training teams to ensure that all staff have personal development plans to meet the new challenges in their role - this might mean technical training, soft skills training, running agility coaching programmes and so on. We can also advise on ongoing mentoring programmes to ensure longer term benefits are fully realised.

Our learning & development consultants are highly experienced in this process and can advise on what is most appropriate for your transformation.

We take the pain out of staff transitions

Some changes will inevitably mean people with new skills are needed, and others will unfortunately result in staff redundancies. We have built long-term relationships with excellent specialist recruiters and can manage the recruitment process for you where necessary - this is particularly relevant where you need to recruit people with skills you do not currently have in house.

We work with all our clients to minimise redundancies and help both staff and businesses where this is unavoidable. We take the approach of supporting people through these challenging times, for instance by helping arrange favourable redundancy packages, working with our recruitment partners to find your people work elsewhere or arranging personalised training to help them further their careers.

We help build the organisation you need for the future

Our overall goal throughout the transformation process is to ensure you have not just the processes and technology you need for the future, but the right people to build and continue your organisation's success.

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