Our thoughts on business transformation and change management

The following is an amalgamation of conversations I have been having recently, explaining the world of agile to a team of project managers. Some have worked out well like this, some have not...

How Does Change Happen?

There are two main ways that transformation happens: as a major change programme with a set end goal and as an ongoing series of "continuous improvement" changes that each alter a small aspect of the organisation.

The world is changing fast than it ever has before, and where there is change, there is both risk and opportunity. Canny business leaders are accepting business transformation as a way to stay ahead of the market and succeed where others are failing.

At The Peak Consultancy, one of the challenges we regularly face is helping clients improve productivity. We have seen all manner of attempts to get people to work harder and have identified three factors that absolutely must be right before anything else will work. If any one of these is wrong, any efforts elsewhere will be wasted.

Whatever hurdles get thrown at your business, agility is key to dealing with them effectively - this applies across all industries from manufacturing to IT to local councils and across all business types from small non-profits to large multi-nationals.

This article takes you through four essential steps to achieving business agility...

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