Open Source Success in the NHS

The Peak Consultancy and Moorfields Eye Hospital worked together through 2015 to prove that open source technology really can work in the NHS...

No matter what anybody says about the pain of working in the NHS - and it really is frustrating at times! - it is a special place to work and gives a feeling of doing something worthwhile that is hard to match. Nothing illustrates this better than Moorfields Eye Hospital's open source OpenEyes project...

We have been privileged to lead development on this wonderful EMR system through 2015 and have helped transform it from a working prototype to a system that can be rolled out across the NHS and deliver genuine value for eye-care around World. In the process, we have proved that open source projects really can work in the public sector and have helped spur on similar endeavours.

The OpenEyes project has now been handed over by Moorfields to the OpenEyes Foundation and Across Health and we are proud to still be involved, both in individual Trust deployments and in helping Across with their own internal processes.

James Pels with the OpenEyes team at Moorfields

All that remains is to say a big "thank you" to the team; from L-R in the photo: Himanshu Patel, Hemanth Potipati, Pragnesh Patel, Anne-Marie Riccardi, our own James Pels (with the Code4Health "How clean is your code?" trophy we won), Tony Penn, Paul Gwanzura, Tamas Vedelek, Toby Bisco and Amrinder Singh (Moorfields overall programme manager). Many thanks also to Prof. James Morgan, Prof. Bill Aylward, Natasha Nathu, Peter Gallagher, Jim Bailey, Massimo Danielli, Ilknur Aksoy and the many other people who contributed to the project but were not able to be in the photo.