About Us

Who we are and how we can help you achieve true high performance
About Us

A transformation consultancy where your success matters

At The Peak Consultancy, our goal is to help you achieve more. We thrive on understanding business processes and making them more efficient and we want to help you adopt improved practices and processes. We do not chase short-term gains at the expense of a longer term relationship and look forward to working with you for years to come.

Skills forged in many different industries

We have built up many years of experience helping clients in a wide range of industries - retail, finance, insurance, public sector, healthcare, manufacturing and many others - and we use can this experience to help you. Whatever sector you are in, we can reach consultants with those skills and will be able to help, no matter how obscure your challenge may appear.

We are digital experts

The Peak Consultancy are leaders in digital transformation - we have been at the fore-front of introducing open source, low cost system development to the NHS and our consultants have been helping private and public sector clients adopt new technology since the 1990s. Our skills and experience span software development, e-commerce, network and hardware infrastructure, cloud computing, systems and device integration, telephony and mobile devices and many, many other areas.

Return on investment

We won't promise the journey will be smooth all the way - we know there will be challenges to overcome - but we will be with you every step to provide support and guidance.

Whatever the challenges, we are here for the long run and our aim is always to deliver the maximum possible value - we aim for at least a ten-fold return on your investment with us after three years.

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